Welcome to PIGOR’s documentation!

Pigor is a lightweight analysis tool for the the polarimeter instrument NEPTUN beam port of the 250kW research reactor hosted at Atominstitut of TU Wien, Austria. For more information visit our homepage.

Old ToDos


This list of ToDos should be integrated into the docstrings or into the sprint planning where those ToDos belong.

Here are all ToDos listed. Feel free to contribute and check this project out on Bitbucket.

  • self.x_error: not yet implemented
  • a lot of commenting
  • error of fit
  • verbose mode on/off
  • getting PIGOR ready for shipment by creating a setup.py
  • better display of self.pcov
  • separation between pure functions and functions with context (methods)
  • auto comment decorator for functions
  • use decorators to auto register fit functions with their input argument list
  • setuptools in setup.py
  • https://click.palletsprojects.com/en/7.x/quickstart/

Project Dependencies


check if dependencies are correct with dependencies.txt

  • numpy
  • re
  • matplotlib
  • os.path
  • glob
  • difflib
  • datetime
  • pathlib
  • scipy
  • markdown

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