Using PIGOR in JupyterΒΆ


Please make sure that you have a running Jupyter or Jupyter Lab installation on your system. For more information, please visit


Make sure to install all the requirements for the measurement class in requirements-measurement.txt. See Installing PIGOR for more details.

First, open a new Jupyter notebook. Make sure that these following files are within the directory where your newly created Jupyter notebook is located:


If not, you can just copy those two files.

Now we have to import the measurement module in the Jupyter notebook by using the import command:

import measurement

This should already be enough to work with the measurement class within a Jupyter notebook. However there are a few extra steps to take, if one wishes to use inline graphics. To enable this functionality one line has to be added as the first cell to the notebook:

%matplotlib inline

Now, whenever the plot method is called, an additional argument has to be passed on.



A test notebook is provided in the root of the PIGOR project at